Signature Sauces & Dry Rub – Mix & Match

All of our sauces are gluten, dairy and cholesterol free!

rub2The Ultimate Dry Rub – This All Natural Spice Blend Is excellent For Any Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Potatoes. Sprinkle On Popcorn, Salads, Or in Soups N Stews. The Ultimate Dry Rub Works well when Sautéing With Arthur Marc’s Garlic Butter on any Beef Pork or Chicken. Sautéing with these two Remarkable Ingredients Will Satisfy anyone’s Appetite!!! ITS THE ONLY SPICE YOU WILL EVER NEED IN THE KITCHEN!

Garlic Butter Flavored OilOur Signature Garlic Butter Flavored Oil can be used on anything and everything-from sauteing, baking and broiling seafood, chicken or vegetables to dipping bread and making white pizza. Add extra flavor to mashed and baked potatoes, pasta and corn on the cob. Drizzle it on popcorn or make savory scrambled eggs, omelets and even grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wing SauceOur Chicken Wing and Dipping Sauce comes in Mild, Hot and XX-Hot. These sauces can be used in many ways: Basting any pork, chicken or beef–baking, grilling and sauteing. Add a little to your meatloaf or sausage and peppers for excellent flavor. Dip french fries, fish fries, clam fries, chicken tenders, pizza crust and breads. It can be used for burgers, hot dogs, scrambled eggs or omelets…and so much more…

mc-barbecue-sauceMaple Chipotle BBQ – This Unique Sauce was created slowly over time, desperately seeking to create the most well balanced BBQ on the Market. Using Maple & Chipotle Peppers its Not too Spicy, Not to Sweet, It Caramelizes Perfectly on the grill or in the Oven…If you are a BBQ counasuier you will WANT to experiment with This One!! Also Great for Dipping any of your Favorite foods !

Barbecue & Dipping SauceOur Original BBQ and Dipping Sauce is very flavorful, Its not too Smokey and not too sweet… It’s Just Right! Great for Ribs and Chicken, in the oven or grill. Great for dipping your favorite foods.
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